Top Things You Might Not Know About Impact Doors

You might know that there are different types of doors that you can have installed in your home, but you might not know a lot about each different type of door. You might have heard about impact doors, but if you haven't actually purchased them yourself, you might not know much about them at all. If you're thinking about installing impact doors on your own home or if you're wondering if this is something that you should do, some of the things you should know about impact doors are listed below. 

They're a Good Idea for Many Reasons

Impact doors are often a good addition to just about any home. Someone who lives in an area where hurricanes, tornadoes, or other harsh weather conditions are common can help protect their home from inclement weather with impact doors. Additionally, impact doors are actually good for energy efficiency in the home, since they do a better job of keeping out hot or cold air. Also, you shouldn't forget about the fact that impact doors can help protect your home from break-ins.

They're Required in Some Areas

Building codes in certain areas, such as in coastal areas, often require that builders take certain precautions to help ensure that homes are able to withstand tropical weather conditions. Because of this, in many places, you are required to have impact doors in order to make sure that your home is up to code.

They're Typically Very Durable

Impact doors are typically constructed from high-grade, durable materials like fiberglass. This helps ensure that the door doesn't warp, twist, or otherwise become damaged. Not only should the door itself be made from durable materials, but the frame should be made from durable materials like composite too.

They Often Contain Glass

You might not think that impact doors can or do contain glass since you might assume the glass will not be able to handle the tough conditions that impact doors have to be able to withstand. However, impact doors do often contain glass for visibility, decorative purposes, and more. However, the glass that is used is severe weather glass, so it should not break easily at all.

Their Hardware Is Often Durable

When you think about durable impact doors that can handle the elements, you might already think about the door itself being well-made and durable. However, you might not have considered the fact that different hardware is often used with impact doors. Heavy-duty hinges and hardware are often used to install impact doors. This helps ensure that the hardware doesn't rust or corrode and that it holds up well, even against the roughest conditions.

Contact a local high-impact door supplier to learn more. 

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