4 Reasons To Get Roll-Down Hurricane Shutters For Your Home

Do you live in an area that's prone to high winds and hurricanes? If so, you are likely well aware of how important it is to board up your windows when these storms come. While you have the choice of what kind of shutters to put on your windows, you may want to select roll-down hurricane shutters for the following reasons.

Easy To Use

One of the huge benefits of roll-down hurricane shutters is how easy they are to use. It's possible to roll down the shutters with the press of a button, which is incredibly easy to do. It makes it possible for people that are elderly or disabled to protect their windows, which isn't possible with other shutters that need to be put on from the outside of the home. 

For example, accordion shutters will need to be shut from the outside, and often require a ladder for windows that are on a second floor. Using plywood is a process that involves getting large pieces of wood out of storage and placing them over the window frame. Some people are just not able to do this on their own. 

Quick To Install

While you usually have some warning before a storm comes through, the process of manually placing shutters on your windows can take a long time. This means that you can't act quickly to cover all your windows if a storm catches you off guard. Roll-down hurricane shutters can be activated in a matter of seconds, with some homes having remote controls that can cover the windows of their entire home with the touch of a button.

Easy To Store

Roll-down hurricane windows have all the protective material in a housing that is located above the window. This allows the protective material to be stored in a place that is close and convenient. This cannot be said of other protective shutter materials, which you have to keep somewhere on your property and dig out of storage when the time comes to use them. It makes sense that roll-down shutters are going to be out of the way and easy to use when needed because of that.

Attractive When Not Used

The box that the shutter material rolls into is going to be small and at the very top of your window. This makes the windows still look attractive when they are open. The box is designed to match the aesthetics of your home, so it won't look out of place.  

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