5 Reasons to Choose Cellular Shades

If you are in the market for new window shades, consider all the benefits of using cellular shades. These versatile window coverings are a good option for almost any home. 

1. Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is a concern for you, then cellular shades might be the best option. The shades feature a honeycomb design that provides insulation. This insulation helps prevent thermal gain, which is when temperatures outside of the window affect temperatures inside the home. You can also purchase shades with a UV-resistant coating on the outside that reflect sunlight, thus preventing it from heating up the house during the summer months. 

2. Complete Privacy

Privacy shouldn't be a concern in your own home, so you should look into window shades that provide optimum privacy. Unlike slat-style blinds, which may not close tightly enough to afford full privacy, cellular shades close with no gaps around the edges. Single-cell shade designs provide good privacy, while double-celled designs don't even let a shadow show through clearly. Double celled shades are often preferred for bedrooms where privacy and darkness are more important in the home. 

3. Light Control

Sometimes you want outside light in a room, but at other times you may need it to be completely dark. Cellular shades allow light control via a multitude of opening options. Most can be opened from the bottom up or the top-down, allowing you to regulate the amount of light that comes in without sacrificing your privacy. Some designs have two layers, one that blocks all light and a second that allows diffused light through. You can open just one layer if you want soft natural light but still want some privacy. 

4. Aesthetic Appeal

You can purchase cellular shades in practically any color you want, so they are sure to match your home's design and decor. The clean, simple lines also match almost any style. In fact, they are timeless enough to remain attractive for several years down the road. Even better, the shades provide a consistent look to the windows when viewed from outside the home, which means that they improve the house's curb appeal as well as its interior design. 

5. Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your new shades is relatively simple. The shades are made of a durable yet lightweight fabric treated to resist stains. They can be vacuumed regularly to remove dust, using nothing but the upholstery attachment on your vacuum. If a stain appears, it should lift off easily if you blot it with a damp cloth. 

Contact a window shades installer to learn more about cellular shade options. 

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