Replacement Door Frame Reinforcements And Improvements For A More Secure Home

If you want your home to be more secure, there are many different entry door frame options. Old door frames may lack features like steel plate reinforcement and sturdy fasteners. Therefore, there are improvements that you may want to make when replacing the front door to your home. The following replacement door frame options will help improve openings when installing new doors:

Repairing Damaged Wood Framing

The wood framing can be a problem when the door frame of an entrance needs to be replaced. Often, the damage to framing and the door is caused by issues in these areas. Therefore, repairs may need to be done to the wood before a new door frame can be installed. Some of the repairs to framing that may need to be done include:

  • Rot at door seals and wood around them
  • Water causing rot above the door frame
  • Rotting wood door frames causing issues

These are issues with rot that can weaken the door frame and make your home less secure. The problems with rot can also be prevented by using treated lumber and sealing the framing around the door frame.

Installing Proper Reinforcements for Wood Framing

The wood framing to your entry doors also needs to be reinforced before installing new frames. There are many ways to reinforce the wood framing of the openings, including:

  • Using hurricane straps to fasten wood framing
  • Using larger lumber widths for the entry door opening
  • Adding steel plates between lumber to provide reinforcement
  • Fastening the wood framing of the opening with long screws

The reinforced openings are essential to make your entry doors more secure. Therefore, you want to have all the openings in your home updated with these improvements. When reinforcing the openings, make sure to use long screws or bolts to strengthen the structural framing around the door frame.

Make Sure the Opening Is Well-Sealed From Weather

The openings around to door frame need to be well-sealed too. This will prevent issues with wood framing rotting, air leaks, and damage that weaken entrance doors. You want to make sure the door seals and the entire opening are sealed with a modern moisture barrier material. This should be done before the new door frame is installed.

The door frames for exterior openings should always be reinforced to provide more security for your home. Contact a replacement door frame service to get the materials you need for these improvements to your home, and visit websites like to learn more.

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