Thinking About Solar Screens? 3 Things To Keep In Mind

If you are looking for a way to enhance your home's privacy while also blocking UV rays that can fade your floors and furniture, solar screens may be the right option for your needs. There are plenty of window coverings on the market, but solar screens are one of the best options for filtering out UV rays. These screens are usually installed on the outside of your windows and are made out of a mesh material. If you are thinking about solar screens, here are three things to keep in mind. 

How Much They Cost

There are many benefits to adding solar screens to your home's windows. They reduce glare, provide installation, and reduce heat in addition to blocking out harmful UV rays. However, it's crucial to weigh the cost of these screens with the benefits. With installation and materials included, solar screens cost between $115 and $480 per window on average. Many homeowners only decide to put screens in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, such as parts of the home with south-facing windows. 

Screen Openness Level

Another thing that you should consider if you're planning on solar screens is the screen openness level. The openness level refers to the size of the holes in the mesh that is used for the screens. The openness level determines how much light makes it through the screen, and it's something that varies depending on the solar window screen manufacturer. The openness of solar screens ranges from one percent up to 12 percent. The lower the openness level, the less visibility you will have, but the more UV rays will be blocked. Most homeowners choose solar screens with openness levels of around 5 percent. 

Professional Installation For The Best Results

While you can install solar screens as a do-it-yourself project, often it is best to hire a professional. Professional installation will ensure a sleek installation that looks great. If your goal is to reduce heat inside your home or to provide more insulation, professional installation is essential. These screens can be installed in the window recess or on the window frame. A professional will be able to determine which option will work best for your needs.

When it comes to solar screens, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the cost will vary depending on the size of your windows and the screens you choose. Typically these screens cost a few hundred dollars per window. You will also want to consider the screen openness level—the more open the screen, the more light that will come through. Finally, if you want the best results, you should consider professional installation.

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