Why Should I Hire A Professional To Tint The Windows In My Home?

The benefits of having your windows in your home professionally tinted are enormous. Not only will you save a ton on your heating and air conditioning bill, but you'll also improve the security of your home and protect the interior from storm damage, since tinted windows are more shatter-proof than their generically-installed counterparts.

But just because you should have your windows tinted doesn't necessarily mean you should be the one to do it. Residential window tinting is a very delicate process — more art than science — which means the slightest hiccup can turn your beautiful window into an enormous eye sore. 

If you're considering home window tinting, leave it to the pros for these reasons.

1. Window Film Is Cheap

In this scenario, you get what you pay for. You can pick up window film at just about every online retailer and home goods store, but it tends to peel and leave bubbles on the windows. Not to mention the fact that if it's applied improperly, you may actually be spending more to hire a professional to remove it and then reapply actual window tinting than if you had just hired the professional in the first place.

2. Residential Window Tinting Takes Precision

Applying a tint to your windows involves more than just slapping a film up on your window. The measurements need to be exact, cut properly, and aligned just right at the outset in order to avoid problems down the road. Moreover, every window is different, so tinting on windows that face the sun may need to be darker than the ones that don't, but it still takes experience to make sure the overall look of the house is seamless.

3. A Professional Will Use the Best Technology

It's the job of the residential window tinting company to stay up-to-date with the latest in technology so that you don't have to. A professional knows what type of home window tinting will work best in what scenario and knows how to get the lowest price that they can then pass on to you. Moreover, they can inform you of what type of tinting you may actually need, whether that's metalized, dyed, or ceramic-based. Also, remember to consult your home warranty provider before doing anything to your windows. Many homeowners have added tinting to their windows only to find out later that it voided the warranty on their home. Consult your warrantor, but also ask your local residential window tinting expert for their input.

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