A Guide for Preparing Your Home Replacement Window Installations

If you want your home to be ready for a replacement window installation, there is a lot of work to be done. If you want to know what to do to prepare your home for the installation of replacement windows, this guide can help. 

1. Measure the Openings and Prepare to Remove Sashes and Hardware

The first step in the process of preparing for the replacement units is making sure they fit. Therefore, you should measure all the window casings. This should be done to the inside of the casing, where the new windows will be fastened. Decide where replacements will be used and if any windows need to be custom made or different improvements like replacing them with completely new units.

2. Expose the Casing and Begin Repairs

Next, the window sashes and hardware will need to be removed from the existing windows. Start by removing any locking mechanisms that can hold the window in the opening. Remove the sashes from their tracks, followed by their hardware. If you are removing any single-hung window sashes, the top sashes will require punching nails through or cutting fasteners to remove the fixed top sash of the window unit.

3. Inspect Casing and Window Trim Materials for Damage

You are also going to need to inspect the trim materials and casing around the opening for damage and problems that need to be repaired. Start outside of the casing and repair any rot, insect, or other damage to molding around the windows. Inside, make sure that there is not any serious damage to the openings or woodwork that needs to be repaired before the new windows can be installed.

4. Install the Replacement Windows and Add Final Touchups

The replacement windows can now be installed, which will require the units to be fastened inside the openings. Once the new windows have been installed, it will be time to add any missing molding pieces, caulk the cracks, and paint the old casing to finish the work and make all the components of the windows look like new again.

These are the steps that you are going to need to go through to prepare your home for the installation of replacement windows. If you are ready to install new replacement windows in your home, contact a few local replacement window installation services for help with implementing these improvements and updating the windows in your home.

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