Select The Window Treatments For Your Bedrooms

Are you in a new house? Maybe your house isn't new, but you've decided that it's time to do some redecorating. If you saved the bedrooms for the last redecorating project, maybe you are now looking for ideas that will make each room attractive and unique. Read on for some suggestions that might inspire you.

Start by establishing a theme for each room. For instance, do you want a contemporary feeling or an elegant feeling in your master bedroom? Do your children have special things they especially like that could inspire the window treatment for their bedrooms? For instance, do you have a little boy who is crazy about dinosaurs? Maybe your daughter is a very feminine girl who loves fancy things. 

Your Master Bedroom - Consider that this room probably serves as a kind of retreat for you. Obviously, you want it to be as pretty as a picture.

If you want a contemporary theme for your master bedroom, think of selecting drapes that have a geometric pattern. Or, go with black and white for another contemporary look. If you go with black and white, think of selecting a bright yellow or bright red for the tiebacks in order to add color to the room.

For a formal feeling in the master bedroom, select elegant fabrics like silk or taffeta. A valance as part of the window treatment would add interest. Consider choosing beautiful brass or pewter hardware to add to the elegant feeling you want to establish.

​If You Have A Little Boy - Did you decide to go with window treatments that feature his favorite things? For instance, something like dinosaurs or horses might be special to him. 

Whether you make the curtains yourself or whether you have them custom made, choose a print that features the item he loves. It might be fun for your son to help you select the fabric.

Another good window treatment for your son would be to order wooden plantation blinds. Even though they won't feature his favorite item, you could always hand-stencil something like dinosaurs or horses above the window. 

If You Have A Daughter - In your daughter's case, it might be fun to surprise her with her new curtains and anything else to do to redecorate her bedroom.

Dotted Swiss fabric or white eyelet fabric would be a very feminine choice for your daughter's curtains. Tie them back with a big satin bow in her favorite color.

Maybe your daughter is enamored with anything princessyIf so, fabric with princesses as part of the design would be a good choice.

When you have finished the window treatments for the bedrooms in your home, buy bed coverings that will complement the window treatments.

To learn more about your window treatment options, contact a resource like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory.

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