Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

You may be putting off replacing your windows because it seems like a big expense and you want to put it off. However, you may find that the benefits of installing new windows can make the expense well worth it. Learn here about some of the many reasons for replacing windows that aren't broken:

Your windows have wood frames

If you have wood framed windows, you might want to have them replaced with something like aluminum or vinyl frames. Wood frames will need more maintenance to keep them in good shape. You'll find they need more paint touch ups than you may like. Also, wood window frames are more prone to damage from heat, cold, and moisture. The problems these things can bring include splitting, warping, and rotting. Another major concern you will have when your window frames are wood is termites, since they tend to like to target wood window frames.

You want to weatherize the house

Newer dual-pane windows with better frames will make it easier to heat and cool the house. Also, new windows will fix any issues you may have had with leaks before, including both air and water leaks. Water leaks can cause problems for you that include water damage and mold.

You want to update the look of your home

There are many things you can do to update the look of your home. From giving it a new paint job to having the siding updated, every bit you do can help change the appearance of your home for the better. Another big change you can make that can give your home a fresh look is to update the windows. This would also be the time to drastically change one or more of the windows. For example, installing a bay window can give the front of your home an entirely different look that you will be very happy with.

Increase the safety of your home

Single pane windows and/or old frames can be very easy for someone to break into. You can fix this with new windows that have better locks and a better strength of glass. You will also be improving the safety in your home by replacing windows that are hard to open with ones that open easily, so you have another escape option in the house in case you have a fire or need to exit quickly for another reason, such as an intruder.

For questions regarding window installation, reach out to a professional near you!

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