Ready To Get New Siding? Upgrade To Energy Efficient Windows At The Same Time To Save

As a homeowner, it can be common to pick and choose what upgrades you can afford and what you want to invest your money in each year. If the siding on your home needs to be replaced immediately and the windows aren't in good condition, doing both at the same time is practical.

Although this will increase the cost of the project, your house will already be bare and the windows exposed when the old siding is torn off. Here are some things to talk with the siding and window installation professionals about.

Old Siding Removal and New Vinyl Siding

The cost for the new siding should include the following things when you look at the breakdown:

  • Removal of the old materials from the house and property
  • Vinyl wrap around the house
  • Installation labor for the siding
  • New insulated vinyl siding

You want to know what the total cost will be for the project, so you can compare what companies quote you with the siding job. The house will then be protected from rain, high winds, and pests.

New Window Installation

The siding will already be removed from the house so it's the perfect time for the window installation contractors to look at the windows and window boxes. The old windows can be removed, the boxes assessed for damages, and then the new windows installed.

Vinyl windows are an affordable and efficient option when deciding what window to use. The vinyl is fade-resistant, has a high u-value for improved efficiency, and the color will withstand weathering. Inquire about security features, tint or other characteristics you're looking for in windows for the home.

The more energy-efficient the windows are, the lower your heating and cooling costs, and the more you will get on your return for the investment.

Insulation Where Necessary

The contractors can tell you where the insulation is lacking throughout the house or where you need to add new insulation. Consider foam polyurethane spray foam to go around your new vinyl windows. This will improve household efficiency.

If you have an older home and you know that it's time to replace the siding for the protection of your home, and the windows are in poor condition as well, get both done at the same time. This will save the installation companies time with labor since they can do both of the projects together, and this will also help shorten the length of the project for your own convenience.

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