The Right Type Of Blinds Based On Your Decorating Style

When it comes to choosing the best blinds to use in your home, you should take into consideration the overall decorating style of each space. The decorating style of each space will impact which blinds are the best to use in your home.

Decorating Style #1: Coastal Elegance

Coastal elegance is about using pieces that are really nice but that have a casual and timeless feel to them at the same time. Coastal decorating styles often involve the use of lots of whites and blues, as well as wood, which creates a touchpoint for the designs. The coastal elegance look is all about decorating your home with items that make your home feel light, bright, and natural.

With this type of decorating style, bamboo shades are a great idea. Bamboo shades play off the natural wood feeling of this decorating style, and they are also light in color and would fit well in an airy, elegant, coastally decorated home.

Another option is plantation shutters made from faux wood. Plantation shutters have a classic, elegant look to them that would look great with this decorating style.

Decorating Style #2: Contemporary Design

The contemporary decorating style is all about simple colors and clean lines. The colors are usually kept really basic, with white and black being two of the most dominant colors used with this type of decorating style. Contemporary design is about keeping things simple, which is why roller shades or simple vertical blinds are a great option for a contemporary home design. Roller shades are really clean-looking without drawing too much attention. Plastic vertical blinds offer a clean and simple look that will not distract from the overall look and feel of your home.

Decorating Style #3: Minimalistic Design

Finally, there is minimalistic design. Minimalistic design is a little different than contemporary design. Minimalistic design is about using bold colors and funky features while not overwhelming the space with too many things. It is about embracing the bold beauty in a space but not overwhelming the space.

With a minimalistic design, roller shades are a great idea because they don't take up a lot of space and they fit with the overall feel of a minimalistic design; they are elegant and take up minimal space.

When it comes to choosing the window treatments for your home, be sure to take into consideration the design style of your home or room. You want the blinds you choose to complement your home.

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